Crochet For Beginners

Hello, hobbyists!

I don’t know about you, but when I was younger my grandma would make me hats and scarfs and I always thought it was the coolest thing and always wished I could learn to do something like that. Well here almost 20 years later I’ve finally decided to learn and I’m bringing you with me!

First, What Is Crochet?

Crochet is is the act of bending yarn to your will to become whatever you can imagine.

At it’s very basics, to crochet you use steel hooks to manipulate the yarn. So that is what we are going to focus on for this tutorial. But because this is New Hobby Box and we want to make sure you are set up to take this on as a full blown hobby, we’ve included a lot more.

What’s In The Box?

When you first open the box you will see you get 5 balls of yarn and a 22 piece crochet kit.


Go ahead and open the crochet kit and get familiar with the pieces and what they are called.

  1. Convenient vinyl zip up carrying case to keep all your accessories together

  2. 10 aluminum large gauge Hooks | 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5, 5.0, 5.5, 6.0, 6.5mm

  3. 12 steel hooks | 0.60, 0.75,0.85, 0.90, 1.00, 1.10, 1.25, 1.40, 1.50, 1.60, 1.75, 1.90,

  4. 10 pcs multi-colored stitch markers to keep track of any place in your design

  5. Gauge measure to make your ratio of stitches consistent and keep your design on track

  6. Quick material cutting with razor sharp cutting scissors

  7. 6 Yarn needles for added versatility in the selection of projects you can do

  8. 2 Aluminum Pins :3.5/ 4.5 inch safety pin to keep your work in place while you knit

  9. 2 Row counters (1 blue , 1 Redrow counter) to keep track of stitches/rows worked

  10. 2 Needle Cap

  11. 3 pcs Plastic Crooked Needles



Now that we have our tools, let’s start learning a little bit about how to crochet.

When looking for something to crochet, what you’re going to find are “patterns”. This patterns might sometimes have visuals along with then, but for the most part they will be a series of steps telling you what kind of stitches to do.

A few basic crochet stitches are:

CH– chain SC– single crochet DC– double crochet SC2TOG– single crochet two together

* There are more, but to keep our first time simple, lets just focus on these.

The patterns you will get will most likely be using the abbreviated names of those so that is what we will use in our tutorial to get you used to it.

But before that, lets go over what these look like and how to do them. And since the pattern we are going to use later uses the Green Tea Heather, Coal, and Camel Heather, let’s practice with the neon green color.

When going through these tutorials keep note of a couple things. These are some problems I had when trying it out.

  1. To start you always start with a small loop tied in your yarn about 4-5 inches from the beginning of the yarn.

  2. Notice how she is holding the yarn and the hook. The yarn is held with your non-dominant hand with your thumb and pinky securing the bottom of the yarn and your index and middle finger securing the top.

  3. Remember to always pul from underneath the yarn. This will make more sense when you get started so maybe come read this again after you do the chain. The way I remembered this was to think of it in 3 steps each time. 1. Put the hook below the yarn 2. Bring the hook around the top away from me. 3. End with the hook facing down.

  4. Finally, my first time through I pulled the yarn way too tight. It may seem a little counter intuitive but keep your chains loose, you will thank me when you get to the single crochet!

Lets get started.

CH- Chain

SC- Single crochet

DC- Double crochet

SC2TOG- Single crochet two together

Now that you have used up all of the green yarn practicing, lets make something cool!


Using the lessons learned above we are going to make the widely recognized best introduction to crochet… A wash cloth!

I know; I know. Not the most exciting thing in the world. But we have to start somewhere. Plus it is useful! (And don’t worry, if you are up for the challenge we have a more advanced project at the end to make a Yoda Coffee Coozie.)


  1. 1 white

  2. 4mm hook

The Wash Cloth

The 3 larger balls of yarn are reserved for the advanced project below. So for this let’s choose between neon green and white for our wash cloth. I’m going to make mine white.

  1. ch20 – Do the chain stick 20 times as your foundation.

  2. sc – Single crochet back over your first foundation chains.

  3. repeat sc 20 times

First CH of 20

First CH of 20

First SC

First SC

Second SC

Second SC

Only 3 steps, simple right?

Well I think you will quickly find that it’s harder than it sounds. That is why I wanted to start with this project, because if I’m being honest, I tried doing the Yoda coozie first and it was just way too difficult. But after making a 20×20 wash cloth it was great practice for the fundamentals of crochet and helped me get over that initial hump. So I hope you give the advanced project a shot after this!

Interested in finding other patterns? Check out the sites below:

All Free Crochet

Crochet Pattern Central

Geek Crafts

Or you can just search for “crochet pattern” with whatever you want to make at the end and you should be able to find it pretty easily. 🙂

And that’s crochet! I hope you had a much fun with this as I did and try your best at the advanced project below. And now you can add one more skill to your hobbyist arsenal!


For The Advanced

Now for the Yoda coffee coozie! Keep your drinks warm and your hands cool!

This is what we are using for inspiration.

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 7.45.20 AM


  1. 1 Green Tea Heather colour

  2. 1 Camel Heather (or the brown one)

  3. 1 Black

  4. 5mm hook

  5. 1 yarn needle


With the brown yarn ch 34, join with a sl st. Make sure the chain didn’t twist anywhere.

Ch 1, sc in the first base chain loop and continue to sc around. Join with sl st. Repeat *ch 1, sc around, sl st* 13 more times for a total of 14 rounds. Bind off. Tuck in all the sting.

Feet x2

1. With green yarn make a magic loop.

2. *sc, dc, sc* repeat 3 more times from *. Bind off leaving enough yarn to sew onto the body. Tighten the magic loop so there is no gap. Don’t be afraid to pull really hard.

Arms x2

1. With green yarn make a magic loop.

2. Sc 8, switch to brown yarn at the end of last st. Do not sl st, carry on in spiral rounds.

3. Sc 9 st.

4. Tighten the magic loop so there is no gap, cut the greed yarn. With the non-hook side of your hook shove the loose thread into the arm. It will serve as stuffing and you won’t have to spend time tucking those threads.

5. *Sc2tog, sc* repeat from * until 4 st left. 6. Sc around, bind off leaving enough yarn to sew onto the body.

Head and Ears

1. With green yarn make a magic loop. Make sure the center tail is long enough to sew onto the body.

2. Sc 6 do not join, place marker into the first st and continue in spirals, moving the marker into the first stitch of every round as you go.

3. *2 sc in each st*

4. *sc, 2 sc next st*

5. *scinnexttwost,2scinnextst*

6. *sc in next three st, 2 sc in next st*

7. Without binding off, sc 6, ch1, turn.

8. Sc 4, sc2tog, ch 1, turn.

9. Sc2tog, sc 3, ch 1, turn.

10. Sc 2, sc2tog, ch 1, turn.

11. Sc2tog, sc, ch 1, turn.

12. Sc 2, ch 1, turn.

13. One last sc2tog and bind off.

14. Fold the head in half and place a marker where the second ear will begin.

15. Without making a sl st, sc 6, ch 1, turn. 16. Sc2tog, sc 4, ch 1, turn.

17. Sc 3, sc2tog, ch 1, turn. 18. Sc2tog, sc 2, ch 1, turn. 19. Sc, sc2tog, ch 1, turn. 20. Sc 2, ch 1 turn.

21. One last sc2tog and bind off.

Putting it all together

Using black yarn and the yarn needle, go in and out of sodas face while tying in the back for the eyes. With the extra yarn from the bind off and a yarn needle attach each arm and leg to the body as well as the head. Tuck in all the loose yarn and you are finished!


For further inspiration and free patterns, check out our crochet board on Pinterest:



Your friends, @NewHobbyBox

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